I’m trying to help my friends stuck in their drama play. Improvising, I gotta play 3 characters and I’m wearing all of their different costumes. Also, something about rock. And rocks (throwing them). 

I think I’ll try to start writing my dreams every morning, even if that’s 3 words, as writing this i’m starting to remember an old -and very good and poetic- one which may date back from 2 weeks or about~  (long dream, bridge, fallen automn leaves, old house. Maybe even a lover by my side)

fantasma en la ciudad

Last night, I dreamt about friends of mine and myself going home after school in a dark atmosphere (the night had already fallen and it was raining like hell ), which weakened me a lot, from coldness and fear. Feeling that way i found out that the bus i usually took wasn’t on duty. To my fear of walking home alone in the dark, my friend came out with a witty and funny phrase, which I replied to in the same way. She didn’t run out of ideas and found a reply ; soon we were standing there talking about my misfortune. Then, my friend started being rude, attacking me on the same tone she’d been using before, blaming me for the never-coming bus. I was just standing there shocked, and went away, her now going the other way, shouting insults to my uncomprehending face. I walked home alone.

I had other dreams that night, and before (i didn’t write them here for a long time) but they involved too many personal, not even hidden stüff. I wouldn’t tell them on the Internet.


I usually remember old dreams at random moments, usually like 1 every 3 days or something like this, but writing my dreams makes me remember at least 4 a day. This is so amazing. And scary, ’cause it comes to an enormous number of dreams made (gotta admit that I sleep a lot) And think of those yet to come…



I dreamt of this gigantic old building where there were lots of classes and stairs and stüff,and I was in search of a beauty parlor, and couldn’t find it. I’m quite sure already have freamt this, so I’m writing it today. The dream wasn’t very good, but it would be pretty awesome if this blog helped me prove I have dreams I do twice or thrice, wouldn’t it ?

The picture is obviously xkcd.

Stand closer than you ever stood before

My lover is in video game school. I dreamt of something like this, and I dreamt of him.

I had somehow won a summer class in the video game school, and i was very curious to see what it was like.
I entered the building to see a great, modern bathroom full of the sun’s light which shined from the window. I didn’t stay long in this room and started discovering the school. I soon found a giant bedroom, with lots of huge comfortable beds, blankets and pillows. The linen was coloured  in some shades of pale blue, and this bedroom was still very enlightened by great windows and the thin white curtains that were hung there. Then again I would have loved to stay here and relax but there were lots of undiscovered space, and I carried on with the visit. Of the rooms i saw, i only remember a dark wooden corridor that led to some kind of administration offices ; I couldn’t have a look inside. I could flash a glance in the corridor though, where were lots of theater costumes of all kinds and colours. Then I went up the dark wooden stairs. They were higher and longer to climb than I could have thought. I started to freak out a little and decided to go in search of my boyfriend. I  retraced my steps quickly looking around to come back to the front door, where I found him. At this very moment someone said i was stupid to have come back so soon, “because you’ll have to do it all over again now”. That’s when I realized that the door I had just reached was now closed, and that the school was absolutely no normal school. You had to go through all the rooms, for as long as you could ; if you couldn’t bear it anymore, you could always come back in the hall or front door , but then you had to go through all the same rooms all over again to continue your experience. I got very anxious when I got aware of this, and thought in addition to that, the rooms must be kind of levels, becoming weirder and scarier as you ventured through them.
As we weren’t alone anymore, the two of us decided to go up all the levels we could, and we did.
This is what I remember from what happened next :
We were in some kind of wasteland divised in 2 parts tall fences, like for a sort of ball game, and absolutely flooded. With water as well as people on the sides staring at it for some reason. We got interested too. Then  everybody started to hear a creepy voice that seemed to come ouf of nowhere, if it wasn’t for far above us. The voice was saying very mysterious things that I don’t remember, but i know that it were words everyone was scared of.
Then the water started to slowly disappear, revealing a shocking, violent show. To one of the fences under the water, a man was hung by its neck. Dead.
There was a long silence and then whispers all around us. Me and my boyfriend looked at each other and started running as fast as we could, (which means i was behind him). We  separately hid where we could find some inconspicuous place.
I was alone again as plenty of people arrived running and soaked. We could all still hear the scary voice who was telling us sketchy things, but soon some kind of siege got organized. Some people started playing cards or sleeping on each others’ kneesor listening to music, not paying much attention to what the voice was saying, even though to me it got more terrifying every instant. 
I decided to look for my lover. I looked everywhere I could, until some girl told me that he had  taken refuge in sort of a cupboard. I tried to find it by myself, but had to ask more people. I finally saw it and opened the door. There, were my love‘s clothes and stuff. Not him.
There was this dead hanged man, the voice and my unfindable love. 
I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep (hopefully it was 8 and i had eggs in the fridge).