Last night

atmosphere very related.

atmosphere very related.

I learnt amazing things.

I was part of some study group and a teacher showed us around : it was a frightening mansion or castle in which we had lessons (what to become ? I wouldn’t have known yet). I remember a lot of bloodcurdling sounds and screams … Most of all, I remember that at some point the teacher lean on the window and asked all of us to hang on to her.
Soon it became clear that we had to jump – and let’s say that we weren’t close to the ground.

Now, I’m really afraid of heights. In dreams too. And in the sudden realization that I would have to jump in order to go on with my dream, I started to panick. A lot of what I can remember now is just semi-lucid me trying to slow things down, with the story growing more and more bogged down.

But we jumped.
And earned superpowers. I was the luckiest ! I could fly.

Needless to say I spent the rest of the dream flying as high as I could, discovering what new possibilities I had. I also encountered another lady with the same superpowers as me. I was a bit disappointed.


Last night I…




…saw colors. A lot of them.
I dreamt of a family which lived in a home whose curtains were always semi-closed, because the sunlight precluded the father from seeing his son’s face. He would literally disappear.
That was a tragic story, though it had a happy ending : someone found a solution for father and son to be reunited in seeing each other, and it involved a donnie-darko-like weird colored link (pic very related) with the mother. Am I being clear ? Of course I am !

Then they flew away. Then again, lots of colors.

“Le plus clair de mon temps, je le passe à l’obscurcir, parce que la lumière me gêne” Boris Vian


Last night I…

…killed a man. Set him on fire.

This was a video game-like dream, and my 2 friends and I had to escape from some villain. At some point we were locked in an old house’s attic and were ready to jump by the small window to flee.
Then I remembered I had already died one time doing this because the bad guy was creeping on us, hanging from the window on the house’s facade, waiting for us to jump so he would catch us. So we lit up the vine leaves we could reach from the inside with super-awesome mini laser guns and burnt him. Yup.

One night

One night

I dreamed I was in a train going very slowly because of roadworks – new rails were being installed. As I looked out the window, I saw girls crawling on the dry ground, removing small and big rocks. They were very slow as they did not seem to be able to use their legs ; they moved only thanks to their arms’ strength.
I remember asking around and understanding those girls were quite normal and called “sand sirens”.

Last night I

… dreamt of a house by the water in a swamp. It was beautiful and I would have fun kayaking my way to it. This isn’t the first thing I remembered in the morning, as I also had an horrific dream about being abused … It was harsh because the sun was shining, the land was wonderful and no one seemed to care about what had happened to me and what it had taken a lot of courage for me to tell.