Last night

I had a nail into my head. And one in my nose.



Last night

I visited an inflatable pool version of Paris with friends and then got arrested for driving around topless.

Last night …

I made a long trip with my boyfriend to help him move into a new condo. However, when we arrived, we discovered it was barely larger than a cupboard … he still moved in, and I would live here with him for a few days. Then we met the landlord.  He woke us up by simply opening the door early in the morning and saying his daughter wanted to play wii, so we’d better come and play with her. When I told him that we did not want to play, he threatened me and started beating me. I fought but he let two of his aggressive dogs enter the room and one of them bit me hard. I was crying in pain but my boyfriend did not seem to hear me. I shouted and shouted ; that did not make any difference. I eventually managed to stand up and slam the door repeatedly, makin a lot of noise. He suddenly emerged and we were very scared.
Then, the dream changed a little : I was not with my boyfriend in a 7 ft square room anymore, but in a larger condo with a dozen of people. There was still that very frightening landlord, and he started scaring the whole lot of us as we soon understood that we were locked here with him.
He would constantly enter the room and say something creepy. One time he gave us all some food rations and when we all started eating, he quietly said that there was a very strong dose of psychoactive drug in one of them. We looked at each other in terror, ignoring either it was true or he said that to creep us out.
Our anxiety would go stronger and stronger, until, at bedtime, he said we should divide into two groups for the night, and gave us two other bedrooms to sleep in.
There were 5 persons with me and we were in bed when we realized there was no door protecting us from anything that could happen, so we took shelter in another room, of which we locked the door. Six others were sleeping downstairs next to the owner, and we could hear them laugh together. That was really scary because if they started being on his side, we were not going to survive this. So we talked. I was trying to comfort the group by saying he was propably only experimenting on our minds, willing to see how much anxiety we could bear ; but someone with a tablet said he had looked up the landlord on Internet, and that he seemed to have escaped from an psychiatric hospital.
Then we heard people climbing the stairs.

Last night

atmosphere very related.

atmosphere very related.

I learnt amazing things.

I was part of some study group and a teacher showed us around : it was a frightening mansion or castle in which we had lessons (what to become ? I wouldn’t have known yet). I remember a lot of bloodcurdling sounds and screams … Most of all, I remember that at some point the teacher lean on the window and asked all of us to hang on to her.
Soon it became clear that we had to jump – and let’s say that we weren’t close to the ground.

Now, I’m really afraid of heights. In dreams too. And in the sudden realization that I would have to jump in order to go on with my dream, I started to panick. A lot of what I can remember now is just semi-lucid me trying to slow things down, with the story growing more and more bogged down.

But we jumped.
And earned superpowers. I was the luckiest ! I could fly.

Needless to say I spent the rest of the dream flying as high as I could, discovering what new possibilities I had. I also encountered another lady with the same superpowers as me. I was a bit disappointed.


Last night I…




…saw colors. A lot of them.
I dreamt of a family which lived in a home whose curtains were always semi-closed, because the sunlight precluded the father from seeing his son’s face. He would literally disappear.
That was a tragic story, though it had a happy ending : someone found a solution for father and son to be reunited in seeing each other, and it involved a donnie-darko-like weird colored link (pic very related) with the mother. Am I being clear ? Of course I am !

Then they flew away. Then again, lots of colors.

“Le plus clair de mon temps, je le passe à l’obscurcir, parce que la lumière me gêne” Boris Vian